1. “Druzhba Holiday Center Hall (Yalta, Ukraine)

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3.Air Force Academy Chapel (Colorado, United States)

4.Atlantis (Dubai, UAE)

5.Atomium (Brussels, Belgium)

6.Bahá’í House of Worship a.k.a Lotus Temple (Delhi, India)

7.Beer Can House (Houston, Texas, USA)

8.Beijing National Stadium (Beijing, China)

9.Calakmul building a.k.a La Lavadora a.k.a The Washing Mashine (Mexico, Mexico)

10.Cathedral of Brasilia (Brasil)

11.Chapel in the Rock (Arizona, United States)

12.Container City (London, UK)

13.Cubic Houses (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

14.Dancing Building (Prague, Czech Republic)

15.Dome House (Florida, United States)

16.Eden project (United Kingdom)

17.Erwin Wurm House Attack (Viena, Austria)

18.Fashion Show Mall (Las Vegas, United States)

19.Ferdinand Cheval Palace a.k.a Ideal Palace (France)

20.Forest Spiral – Hundertwasser Building (Darmstadt, Germany)

21.Fuji television building (Tokyo, Japan)

22.Gherkin Building (London, UK)

23.Stone House (Guimarães, Portugal)

24.Glass House (Boswell, B.C., Canada)

25.Great Mosque of Djenné (Djenne, Mali)


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